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Business Services


APG is an international developer with vast experience; we focus on world’s-best standards, sustainable development and local flavours.


We constantly monitor global and local trends and are always ready for new opportunities, placing our investors’ and partners’ goals at the forefront of our strategies.


A complex but inspiring industry, in which we strive to constantly innovate. APG focuses on synergy and dynamic growth; working together with the community.

Business Services

Experienced, qualified and ambitious team, we are the first point of contact for advice and guidance for our partners and clients.

About APG
Alpha Pacific Group is a multinational group of companies, operating in the markets of Singapore, Australia, Indonesia and Mongolia. For more than 15 years we have been successfully carrying out investment and start-up projects in key sectors of the of Asia- Pacific economies.

Our core competence is the ability to actively identify investment opportunities in the most promising regions and industries; allowing our investors and clients to capitalise on the potential. In each target country we make use of our formidable existing network of contacts as well as work in close cooperation with the local authorities; enabling us to efficiently navigate and mitigate risks, traditionally associated with investing in emerging markets.

Through efficient sourcing of projects and prudent financial management, we offer unique opportunities to our partners and investors for realisation of their most ambitious goals and objectives in the emerging markets of the Asia-Pacific region.

Our international team, working together with our partners from the Asia-Pacific region, brings the necessary expertise and proficiency, allowing us to successfully manage assets and conduct business activities in the region.

Expertise And Proficiency
Alpha Pacific Group (APG) is an organisation united by one goal – to source and implement unique investment ideas for the benefit of our shareholders and partners as well as create an environment of sustainable development in the countries that we work in.

Our multinational team of partners, utilising their expertise and proficiency ensure that we are successful in all our endeavour.

  • Actively identify investment opportunities in the most promising regions and industries
  • Match international standards with local expertise and presence
  • Deliver turn-key solutions in each project
  • Employ a hands-on approach – we actively work in regional offices and go into the field
  • Ensure a fully transparent process for our shareholders, partners and co-investors
  • 17 years of experience in developing local networks and sourcing compatible projects in challenging regions
  • 25 years of experience in government and investor relations
  • 22 years of work with investment and financial analysis
  • 10 years of experience in property development
  • 12 years experience in geological services

Private Wealth Growth

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Asia-Pacific, 2019


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North America, 2019


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Senior Partners Of Alpha Pacific Group Attend The 1st ABAC 2017 Meeting In Bangkok

Senior Partners of Alpha Pacific Group attend the 1st ABAC 2017 Meeting in Bangkok

Senior Partners of Alpha Pacific Group took part in the first annual meeting of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), which was held in the capital of Thailand - Bangkok,…

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Alpha Pacific Group Meets With Indonesian President Mr Joko Widodo

Alpha Pacific Group meets with Indonesian President Mr Joko Widodo

During the Association of South East Asian Nations - Russia Summit 2016 in Sochi, Russia; Mr Oleg Gorbulin, Senior Partner of Alpha Pacific Group met with the President of the…

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Mr Oleg Gorbulin Participates In The High-Level Singapore Business Federation Mission To Russia

Mr Oleg Gorbulin participates in the High-Level Singapore Business Federation mission to Russia

17th of May, 2016. Alpha Pacific Group's senior partner, Mr Oleg Gorbulin, together with the delegates from the Singapore Business Federation, took part in the high-level business mission to Moscow,…

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