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Senior Partners Of Alpha Pacific Group With An Official Visit To Yogyakarta

Senior Partners of Alpha Pacific Group with an official visit to Yogyakarta

On the 10th of July, Senior Partners of Alpha Pacific Group - Ms Irina Gorbulina and Mr Oleg Gorbulin as well as the Regional Director Mr Gleb Zoubov, visited Yogyakarta.…

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International Congress Of Industrialists And Entrepreneurs, Meeting In The City Of Thessaloniki (Greece)

International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, meeting in the city of Thessaloniki (Greece)

Senior Partner of Alpha Pacific Group, Ms Irina Gorbulina took part in the semi-annual work on the Council. The session was called to establish a new post - the Honorary…

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Senior Partners Of Alpha Pacific Group Attend The 1st ABAC 2017 Meeting In Bangkok

Senior Partners of Alpha Pacific Group attend the 1st ABAC 2017 Meeting in Bangkok

Senior Partners of Alpha Pacific Group took part in the first annual meeting of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), which was held in the capital of Thailand - Bangkok,…

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Alpha Pacific Group Meets With Indonesian President Mr Joko Widodo

Alpha Pacific Group meets with Indonesian President Mr Joko Widodo

During the Association of South East Asian Nations - Russia Summit 2016 in Sochi, Russia; Mr Oleg Gorbulin, Senior Partner of Alpha Pacific Group met with the President of the…

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Mr Oleg Gorbulin Participates In The High-Level Singapore Business Federation Mission To Russia

Mr Oleg Gorbulin participates in the High-Level Singapore Business Federation mission to Russia

17th of May, 2016. Alpha Pacific Group's senior partner, Mr Oleg Gorbulin, together with the delegates from the Singapore Business Federation, took part in the high-level business mission to Moscow,…

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Senior Partners Participate In The 4th ABAC (APEC) Meeting In Manila, Philippines

Senior Partners participate in the 4th ABAC (APEC) meeting in Manila, Philippines

13 - 16 November, 2015. The Senior Partners of Alpha Pacific Group took part in the final ABAC meeting of the year, hosted by Philippines from the 13th until the…

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Industry & Regional News

4 Common Misconceptions About Offshore Business

4 common misconceptions about offshore business

Alex Nguyen Huy An, April 28, 2017 (via If you have stumbled across our blog, chances are that you have already heard about “offshore business” many times before. Lately, the…

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Australian Business Environment – One Of The Most Developed In The World

Australian Business Environment – One of the most developed in the world

Aileen Lan, October 5 2016 (via: Australia is one of world’s wealthiest countries and its economy has been doing exceptionally well for the past several decades. Managing to avoid…

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Mongolia – Investing There

Mongolia – Investing There

Aileen Lane, May 13 2016 (via: Mongolia is the most sparsely populated country in the world. With a population of almost 2.9 million, 40% of which live in the…

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Forbes “Best Countries For Business” List

Forbes “Best Countries for Business” List

September 22, 2015, by Aileen Lane Picture Credit: By Mirey Hara (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons The annual list published by Forbes evaluates countries on various points…

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Doing Business In Thailand

Doing Business in Thailand

by Svitlana Lazyuk , September 23, 2015 The wide range of benefits that Thailand offers to foreign investors apart from its beautiful travel destinations makes it a very desirable jurisdiction.…

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IMF, World Bank To Hold 2018 Annual Meeting In Indonesia

IMF, World Bank to Hold 2018 Annual Meeting in Indonesia

via Jakarta Globe ( Jakarta. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank will hold their 2018 annual meeting in Bali, according to a statement released by the IMF on Tuesday.…

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Asia, Investment And Trade

Asia, Investment and Trade

Via “Business – Partner News” ( Oleg Gorbulin, member of the Board of Directors of National Investment Alliance. The way business relations are conducted in South-East Asia countries is essentially…

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Important Changes In Singapore Law

Important changes in Singapore law

Natalia Ivanova Singapore is a jurisdiction of choice for many players seeking to invest in South-East Asia. But Singapore is not alone, it competes with traditional offshore jurisdiction and with…

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Indonesia: A Growing Tiger

Indonesia: A Growing Tiger

by Gleb Zoubov In 1980s, the term Asian Century, was coined by a meeting between by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) leader Deng Xiaoping and the Indian Prime Minister…

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Indonesia’s Regional Development: Driving The Future Of Global Growth.

Indonesia’s regional development: driving the future of global growth.

by Gleb Zoubov While Asia’s emerging economies account for less than 30% of global GDP, they contributed close to 60% of global growth in 2012 and are expected to do…

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Indonesia – On The Road To Direct Investment

Indonesia – on the road to direct investment

by Gleb Zoubov The transformation of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, from the columns of smoke and chaos that engulfed it in 1998 to the present megapolis of soaring office…

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