Brunei: A Guide For the Business Traveler

Aileen Lane,  April 14, 2015 

Brunei is a tiny Sultanate in Southeast Asia, surrounded by Sabbah and Sarawak. Brunei’s capital is Bandar Seri Begawan and initial impression may be that there is not much to see but when one looks closer, it is an interesting and intriguing place with lots to explore. Rich in natural resources, oil and gas, Healy Consultants has been helping clients incorporate companies in the small but lucrative country for many years.

Brunei or Darussalam as it is also known is a strict Islamic state and has imposed Sharia Islamic Criminal law (which can impose sentences such as amputation for stealing or stoning for the crime of adultery) in the past year, which makes travelling and living there somewhat challenging for foreigners. Here are some tips on travelling to, and conducting business in, Brunei.

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